Bee swarms are a natural way in Spring and Summer for the bees to find a new home when they have outgrown their old one. Half (or more) of the population of the original hive, leave and can sometimes be seen hanging from a tree limb or other object while they are scouting for a new home. This new home could be anywhere from a nice hollow gum tree, vacant possum box, old cupboard in shed or even your house wall cavity.

I am happy to collect bee swarms in the local (Encounter Bay to Goolwa) areas for either free or very low fee (to cover fuel and difficulty of collection).

If you see a swarm, please telephone me on 0402381169 as they may not stay put for very long and it is best to act speedily, as they may have their eye on your house wall cavity as a new home.

Bee Swarm Collection